Mike graduated from Auburn University with his MBA in 1996 and before that with an undergraduate degree in Industrial Design from Auburn as well.

Mike has been a professional and full time home inspector since 2002 and has personally inspected thousands of home.  Before starting his home inspection business he was a financial adviser with Merrill Lynch and had owned several other small businesses.  He finds that his combination of education, business skills, technical expertise, and in the trenches experience truly combine for the perfect inspector.



Sean Tipton is originally from Long Beach, Ca where he worked in residential and commercial plumbing with the family business until completing a degree in aviation maintenance.  At that time he began working for Delta airlines in Los Angeles before transferring to the Atlanta Delta Headquarters.  Sean worked for six years on the big 777 jets maintaining, inspecting, and repairing every aspect of the plane.  After a layoff due to the economic downturn Sean worked in construction, plumbing and pool maintenance before becoming a trained and certified home inspector at Total Home Consultants.  He looks forward to working with you and your family to ensure you the home you are purchasing is all that you are looking for.



Matt Grana graduated from Duquesne University with a degree in speech theater and media. While working as an actor in New York city, he started a high-end painting and paper hanging company serving Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs.  His contracting career proved more successful than his acting career, and he went on to spend 20+ years working in residential and commercial painting, estimating, project management, and contracting/remodeling before becoming a full-time, certified, home inspector for Total Home Consultants.  Matt lives in Braselton Georgia with his daughter Sara, a freshman at Georgia State University.