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The Common Question

The most common question I get when talking to our Atlanta clients is what is included in your home inspection? The short answer is EVERYTHING!

We start every home inspection with a thorough inspection of the ground and grading around the homes foundation. While checking this area we are careful to inspect the gutters and downspouts around the home as well. Our experience shows that the majority of water issues with a home are caused due to poor grading and drainage and failing gutter systems. THIS IS THE NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF FOUNDATION PROBLEMS in and around you home. This gives us a solid foundation as to what to look for once we enter the home as well. Of course while outside we are inspecting all the exterior surfaces, sidings, trim, fascia, soffits, doors, windows, and the roof.

All concrete surfaces are inspected for slope and condition and the deck is carefully checked for attachment to the home, general construction, and safety above all.

Once inside your Atlanta home your home inspection will cover the visible foundation, framing and water penetration into the house. We inspect your electrical system by removing the panel covers and checking all accessible outlets and switches throughout your new home. We will check your plumbing system, all your mechanical systems including your HVAC systems and ductwork, and all appliances. All bathroom fixtures are tested for operation and all interiors are checked for window and door operation as well as general condition.

Essentially, No Stone Is Left Unturned In Your Atlanta Home Inspection.

Total Home Consultants Has Inspected 1000’S Of Homes Since Their Inception In 2002 And Every Home Inspection Includes:

  • Same day delivery of the report in a PDF format. Most times the inspection report can be delivered right from the homes kitchen counter top.
  • A detailed overview of the inspection report and concerns in the home with the buyer there at the home.
  • A helpful home maintenance guide designed to aid you in keeping your new home in tip top condition going forward.
  • A fully insured (General Liability & Errors and Omissions), certified, and uniformed inspector.
  • All inspectors carry a lock box for convenient access to the home.
  • The home inspection can be paid for by check, cash, or all forms of credit and debit cards.
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  • “Very informative. He did give me a very thorough verbal report offered to give me the written report, but it was turning out to be very involved. He also was very patient with my input. They were very professional, but down to earth”
    Lynn Davis
  • “Great job!! checked on things I had never thought of. Highly recommend Total home consultants.”
    Ron Johnson
  • “With a detailed report with full color photos in hand to knowledgeable and thorough advice, I was confident I knew what I was buying thanks to Mike and the Total Home Consultants! ”
    Owen S.
  • “Ken was very professional and informative. He was on time, actually a few minutes early. I was both called and emailed promptly and the follow up was good. I’d definitely recommend Total Home as well use them again”
    Peter C.R.
  • “Total Home was truly professional to the 10th power! There aren’t enough words to describe my experience with Total home consultants. From beginning to end, my inspection was treated like a top priority. They inspected every aspect of my new home and found things that most inspectors probably would have missed. Having this information in my hands prior to my builder walk-thru, helped me point out things that would have been missed. I would definitely recommend Total home consultants. And, if/when I purchase a new home, they will be at the top of my list to call”
    Gregory T.