• "Ken was very professional and informative. He was on time, actually a few minutes early. I was both called and emailed promptly and the follow up was good. I'd definitely recommend Total Home as well use them again"

    Peter C.R.
  • "Total Home was truly professional to the 10th power! There aren't enough words to describe my experience with Total home consultants. From beginning to end, my inspection was treated like a top priority. They inspected every aspect of my new home and found things that most inspectors probably would have missed. Having this information in my hands prior to my builder walk-thru, helped me point out things that would have been missed. I would definitely recommend Total home consultants. And, if/when I purchase a new home, they will be at the top of my list to call"

    Gregory T.
  • "Very informative. He did give me a very thorough verbal report offered to give me the written report, but it was turning out to be very involved. He also was very patient with my input. They were very professional, but down to earth"

    Lynn Davis
  • "They were awesome. I goofed up and made them take an unnecessary trip, which they were very gracious about. So, I rescheduled with them and they did an excellent job of finding things that I should (and things that I maybe shouldn't) worry about. I have a simple loft, but they still spent hours going over everything to make sure it was a good buy. They even gave me a bit of a lesson in home inspection as they were doing it, giving me advice and pointers. I am their loyal customer now, after one inspection!"

    Spencer Torene
  • "Great job!! checked on things I had never thought of. Highly recommend Total home consultants." "Very Pleased""

    Ron Johnson
  • "With a detailed report with full color photos in hand to knowledgeable and thorough advice, I was confident I knew what I was buying thanks to Mike and the Total Home Consultants! "

    Owen S.
  • Was very impressed, mike was very knowledgable and professional and thorough. I would recommend to my friend

    Latreana Allen
  • I was very happy with the inspections provided! So happy I had two! I had one inspection on a property at 2655 Wood Gate Way in Snellville, which saved me from making a $185,000 mistake! The second inspection proved my new house is a great place & in pretty good shape! I feel comfortable moving in & knowing what I need to do to get the house in perfect condition!

    Lee Sedivy- Schroder
  • As always, Mike Scheiderich, is the best in my book! I have known Mike approximately 12 years and Mike is consistent with his thorough home inspections. I have used Total Home Consultants both professionally and personally. Because I am a realtor, it is extremely helpful to be able to call on a home inspector who is true, reliable and knowledgeable in his area and promptly provides the service. As a buyer, I know that I can count on Mike to deliver the most accurate home inspection and answer any questions that I may have. Mike cares about his customers and the service he provides!

    Rhonda Huttoe

  • Very good experience. Inspection was extremely thorough. Uncovered massive hidden issues with the home, I decided not to buy it, and I only cried once in front of the poor inspector guy. 🙂

    Laurie Hachat
  • Very professional and Mike explained everything to me to make sure I had any questions and offered additional help if I were to have any other questions later down the line. I will definitely be recommending Mike to any friends that need a home inspector.

    Saabira Smith
  • Mike was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Takes his job very serious there are no objections regarding work performed. He will take any homes in consideration no matter what the home value is unlike other local companies. Thanks for prompt scheduling .

  • Very happy! Mike was very professional and knowledgeable. This is our 3rd home and thinking we knew everything to look for was a mistake. He went over every square inch of our home. I highly recommend this company and Mike!

    Aaron Fink
  • A very thorough inspection professionally carried out by an extremely knowledgeable technician, Mike Scheiderich. the overall condition and appearance of the home was excellent and we were not going to have it inspected at first. We are very glad that we did as some aspects from the inspection report enabled us to re negotiate the price of the home to a significantly lower amount. The report was very concise and will allow us to attend to most items ourselves that perhaps we would never have been aware of if we had not had the inspection. We thoroughly recommend Total Home Consultants for home inspection and we would definitely use them again.

    Peter Bravery
  • We loved Mike! He did an incredibly thorough job and was onsite with us for about 5 hours. Afterward he sat with us to discuss the goods and bads with the house and took the time to answer all of our questions thoroughly. An overall great experience. Thanx Mike!

    Brian "Max" Dove
  • I used Mike for 3 property inspections during my housing search. Very professional and timely. I would recommend and use again.

    Frank Graffagnino
  • Mike did such an extraordinary job that it made it difficult to think of any questions to ask. We felt educated enough about the home to move on to the next step in the home buying negotiation process.

    I was once a licensed Realtor for Long&Foster here in MD. Have seen some bad and very good inspectors here. Mike reminded me of the 'very good' / knowledgeable type of inspector.

    His business acumen, customer service and communication skills are excellent. We would definitely call Mike on future home purchases. We will refer Mike / Total Home Consultants to anyone else we hear talking about purchasing a home.

    John & Catherine
  • Excellent! Bragged about great service to other family and friends.

    Leslie Finkley
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